Asus vs HP Laptops – Which Brand to Choose and Why?

Exactly fifty years apart, these two individuals may share the same age, but they both have a lot of energy to match! They’re like those old movies where it was one grandparent vs another. It’s like an Asus laptop vs HP laptop battle going on right now.

While the Acer company was founded in 1989 and Hewlett-Packard (HP) was established way back in 1939, they’re still heavily reigning over the world of computers.

HP, one of the pioneers in technology and computers all over the world, had built up a successful reputation. Nowadays it was nearly impossible to mention any company that dealt with computers without mentioning HP

On the other hand, Asus is going neck-to-neck with this long time competitor because of its high quality motherboards and components, creative layouts, best value for budget buyers, etc. It also happens to be gamers’ favorite brand due to their ROG – Gaming Laptop Series.

Anyway, the point of this question is how would you know which brand is best if there are only two class ones to choose from?

Here’s what we found. Read through this detailed but unbiased comparison between the two and you’ll feel assured of your purchase decision

Asus vs HP – A Succinct Background

Started out as an OEM – original equipment manufacturer in 1989, ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational technology and computer company based out of New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Although I’m only expected to speak of my company’s presence in the laptop industry, it would be remiss of me not to mention how starting out as an OEM gave them a leg up on all their competitors. The company themselves produces some high-quality components which has helped them keep prices relatively competitive.

Besides dealing in a multitude of different products, such as workstations, personal computers, smartphones, and motherboard – Asus proves their worth when it comes to laptops. They manufacture some of the best gaming laptops you can buy today.

The TUF and ROG lines from Asus are dominating the gaming laptop industry; they’re unparalleled in their field. Other notable models from Asus include VivoBook, ZenBook, Chromebooks, 2-in-1 laptops – just to name a few.

Top of The Line Asus Laptops in 2022

One of the most established and well-known brands in Silicon Valley history, H.P., or Hewlett Packard, has existed since 1939 when it was started by two men named Bill Hewlett and David Packard who were both born in Palo Alto, California.

Headquartered in California, this IT company was founded sometime in the 60s when they began producing computer hardware and software. Since then, they’ve become a worldwide icon for techies and are largely responsible for inventing the computer world we know today.

As for their laptops, HP offers an array of all sorts of devices to meet every need or taste. A good example would be the Envy and Spectre laptop lineups – these are predominantly business-oriented lines with multiple types of high-end laptops, convertibles, and feature packed devices; whereas the Pavilion and Omen series offer many options for enthusiasts that want a gaming machine.

Top of the Line HP Laptops in 2022

Asus vs HP – Let’s Compare the Brands

HP, without a doubt is a company made up of people who are expert in technology and has an unmatched reputation over the years. However, Asus isn’t far behind when it comes to the coveted top spot.

When considered from a broad point of view, it becomes easy to see how these two are actually quite similar. HP has been considered a respectable and professional brand, while Asus is well-known in the gaming community. HP laptops come equipped with stylish designs and cool aesthetics while Asus ensures their machines have an expensive design aesthetic.

Thus, in whichever manner it may seem to be, if you are willing to spend some hefty money, you will get a brilliant machine no matter what type of company makes it.

But, when faced with a decision of two different brands that seem equal in quality, here are some factors to consider before making your final selection.

  • The components and technical power
  • Screen and display quality
  • Design, build quality, durability, etc.
  • Pricing and ROI
  • Innovation practices
  • After-sale support
  • So, here are my thoughts and quick comparison.

1. Technical Components

What are the key differences between ASUS and HP laptops? They both have different technical specs.

When comparing the technical competencies of two computers, Processor, Memory, Storage and Battery are the most notable pieces.

It is challenging to choose between these two brands in this specific comparison.

How much one is willing to spend on a computer determines its final quality. Ultimately, it will come down to what one can actually afford at the end of their budget. Comparing two computers simply because they’re different in model or price would be foolish – no matter how good of a deal it seems.

When looking at the prices of these two brands, they are both quite comparable. When comparing low-end laptops, Asus outperformed HP.

By matching your expectations, Asus outperforms HP in terms of RAM and SSD. However, Asus only offers 4-core processors for its low-end laptops whereas HP has this specification for every laptop at a given price point.

Talking about the battery, there are typically three cells in every device – be it Asus or HP. But you might see an 8-cell option from time to time; mostly this will only happen with high end models like Asus’ flagship computers. If you want to know how long your machine can last based on what type of usage, check out any one of these brands and all issues will be resolved.

2. Screen and Display Quality

Though many believe that HP makes the best displays, I disagree. In my opinion, Asus is not lagging behind either – they also have laptops of all sizes, ranging from small screens (13 inches) to those larger than others (17 inches).

HP, a company well known for producing entertainment-based laptops has years of experience satisfying the needs of consumers. HP provides you with some of the best visual experiences and screens available today. However, Asus – a computer company loved by gamers – also makes laptops which are complimented by outstanding cinematic quality displays.

Both laptops have NVIDIA graphics when they’re released as high-end models, while Intel graphics are found in the average laptop. So both of these devices are equal in terms of features.

3. Design, Build Quality, and Durability

The ASUS vs HP laptop comparison continues with a point about design and build quality.

One brand surpasses the other in one thing but vice versa for another. Eventually, there is a tie again.

As one can see, both Hewlett Packard and Apple offer high quality products when it comes to their appearance and functionality. Still, I find that the design of HP products is top notch – though Apple has great customer service too.

Hewlett Packard has mastered the art of creating sleek, eye-catching designs for all its laptop models – regardless of price point. As for ASUS, while it features excellent machines up top, those below are less than satisfactory in comparison.

If you’re on a budget and searching for a computer that will last, then HP is the brand for you.

When it comes to durability assurance, in contrast with Asus and Acer, Asus is my preference.

Compared to HP, ASUS laptops are much sturdier with a military-grade durability. Consequently, If you’re clumsy or an adventurous type of person, then I would advise you go for ASUS because it’ll last longer than most other brands.

Nevertheless, if you’re going to spend a lot of money on an item, feel free to choose either one of these options. However, if you’re looking for durability at a low price point and don’t mind the style too much – consider Asus.

4. Pricing and Value for Money

HP wins hands down when it comes to budget laptops – they offer a lot more variety and options than Asus does. If you want the best value for your money, I suggest buying an Asus product!

HP may not be the cheapest brand on the market, but it does have cheaper options than Asus. If you are looking for something middle-of-the-road, then HP is your best bet.

But then again, the specs of this laptop are so low quality that you may find yourself wishing for a different computer after only a few weeks.

In comparison, if you are looking for a relatively good laptop but don’t want to spend too much money, Asus can provide an excellent value for your dollar when it comes to laptops in the same price range as HP. Yes, with only about $50 or $100 separating them, you will find that Asus provides laptops which are much more competitive than those from HP.

Simply put, HP’s cost relies heavily on their branding and less so to their entry-level machines. As opposed to Asus; who depend solely on how powerful the machine is.

So, even though they’re cheaper than Asus laptops, it seems that HP laptops aren’t worth the money. For this reason, I recommend investing in an expensive laptop made by Asus for those who want a better return on their investment.

5. Innovation Practices

Asus continues to astound audiences with its new innovative features, such as its transparent screen pad that lets you see what you’re doing at all times, or its brand new vapor chamber cooling technique. The newest innovation from Asus is the ROG Zephyrus, which weaves sleek designs with powerful performance.

So it seems that the company is ahead of its time – at least for now – when it comes to innovation. HP, which had been seen as an innovator when it came to high-performance hard drives and RAM (versions), has found itself overthrown by Asus in these areas also.

As such, we give HP a thumbs down and Asus an enthusiastic thumbs up for the good work they’ve done.

6. After-Sale Support


At Asus, you’ll find most laptops come with a sizeable and comprehensive warranty (and other hardware). But if there are any problems, even though the staff is lauded for being so levelheaded and soft-spoken, it can still be frustrating when they refuse to answer questions.

The company’s online presence, such as its website and social media platforms for example, is much more attentive to people than its phone support. This however does not make up for the fact that it offers less customer care than what is expected from an average business.

HP has been seen as an inferior company for customer service post-sale. Many people from all over the world have complained about how difficult it was to reach HP’s customer care center on the phone.

However, besides providing up to a one-year warranty for your laptop, the company also has efficient shipping and repair services if you’re to ever send them your broken device. HP also has an excellent online presence; however, it really excels when it comes to repairs.


Are ASUS laptops good quality?

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to Asus laptops, and even if you are on a budget, you can find a great deal like the Asus Vivo book flip, which is not only versatile but has great specifications as well.

Do ASUS laptops last long?

Battery replacement is unlikely to be necessary for these laptops, which are well worth the money.

Is Dell or Asus better?

In terms of specs, Asus laptops are more muscle-oriented, while Dell laptops are more rugged and feature an office-oriented catalog


To conclude, I will review the Asus vs HP laptops comparison. Briefly summarizing what has been said so far, if you’re having trouble deciding between these two models–the Asus or the HP–here is your answer.

HP is renowned for being one of the foremost manufacturers of high quality, entertainment-oriented laptops. On the other hand, Asus has been ambitiously pursued by gamers worldwide because they know they can count on this company to produce durable, fast and innovative products.

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