5 Best B550 Motherboard In 2022

Finding the best B550 motherboard is not easy. It is not an easy task because there are a lot of options to choose from. To make things even harder, the motherboard you choose needs to be compatible with the operating system you are running. This blog looks at some of the things to look out for when you are choosing a board and gives five options to consider.

Looking to overclock your system? Then you’re going to want one of the best motherboards around. This blog will provide you with the information you need to find the best motherboard for your needs.

A motherboard is an integral part of a PC. The motherboard supports the microprocessor, memory, and other components of a PC. This blog takes a look at the different aspects of choosing a motherboard for your PC.

Following Are The Best B550 Motherboard

When you are building a gaming PC then you need to make sure that you have the right parts. One of the most important parts of any PC is the motherboard. That’s why it is important to get a motherboard that is not only reliable but also has enough power to last you a long time. That’s where the Asus B550 comes in.

ASRock is a brand that has been known to make high-quality motherboards for a number of years. Their products are also very reasonably priced and are easily accessible for the average consumer. There are a number of ASRock motherboards available in the market, however, few are as good as the ASRock motherboard.

Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi: B550 Motherboard – Gigabyte

With amazing build quality, the Asus Rog Strix B550-F Gaming is perfect for those looking for a mid-range gaming desktop. An AMD Ryzen processor powers this computer, making it one of the most powerful computers on the market. You will find it is a great option for users who like to play modern games but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The Asus Strix B550-F Gaming Laptop is a pretty good gaming laptop that boasts of a 15.6-inch FHD display, Intel Core i5-8300H, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and 128GB SSD to play your games. If you are looking for a gaming laptop that is capable of handling your AAA titles, then the Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Laptop can be a good choice for you.

Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi is the latest addition to the Asus ROG Strix line of laptops. It boasts of a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, a GTX 1050Ti GPU, and a 256GB SSD, among others. A gaming laptop should be a portable powerhouse. The Asus ROG Strix B550-F is a solid gaming laptop that’s fast enough to run most games, yet affordable and affordable enough to be affordable.

Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi

Socket AM4
Chipset AMD B550
Form Factor ATX
Voltage Regulator 12+2
  • Capable 14-Phase Power Delivery
  • 2.5 GbE LAN and Wi-Fi 6 AX200
  • Premium Audio
  • More than $200 still seems expensive for B550

NZXT N7 B550: B550 Motherboard Drivers

Do you regret putting together your last PC build? If you are like most people, you might have found yourself surrounded by boxes, cables, and cases that all have different shapes, slots, and holes. This can make installation a bit of a puzzle, especially when you are trying to mount your PC case on a wall. NZXT solves this problem with the N7, a windowed case with a minimalist design that is easy to build and mount.

The N7 B550 is NZXT’s entry-level mid-tower PC case. It has a simple aesthetic and a sleek tempered glass side panel. The case is slightly wider than a standard PC case, but coupled with its 4mm thick tempered glass side panel, it is able to stand out against the typical boxy PC case designs. The case supports both 360mm and 280mm radiators, making it great for water cooling fans.

The NZXT N7 B550 is one of the most unique Mini ITX cases that we have come across. It manages to pack a lot of features and functionality into a small package that rivals many cases in the mid-tower category. The case is packed with a lot of features and there are many reasons to choose this case, especially for a Mini ITX build.

NZXT N7 B550
Socket AMD AM4
Chipset AMD X570
Form Factor ATX
Voltage Regulator 12+2+2
  • Capable Power Delivery
  • Wi-Fi 6E and 2.5 GbE
  • 10 USB ports
  • Lack of integrated RGBs may be a turnoff

Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master: B550 Motherboard Wifi

The Aorus X3 Plus and the Aorus X3 Plus v6 were some of the best devices of the year. This year, GIGABYTE has a new contender in its arsenal with the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master. This sleek device is a gaming laptop that looks like an Ultrabook. With the latest Coffee Lake processor on board, the B550 Aorus Master has all it takes to be the ultimate gamer’s companion.

Today I am going to review Gigabyte’s B550 Aorus motherboard. This is a mid-range motherboard that has RGB lighting features, DDR4 memory, dual M.2 slots, and a bunch of other features. The Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master is a great choice for anyone looking for a solid motherboard at a lower price point.

The Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master is an upper mid-range gaming motherboard. This motherboard offers a nice balance of price and performance. Here is our review of the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master. Let’s take a look at the other awesome blogs that were nominated.

Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master

Socket AM4
Chipset AMD B550
Form Factor ATX
Voltage Regulator 16
  • Solid 16-Phase 70A Power Delivery
  • Three M.2 slots, all with heatsinks
  • 2.5 GbE LAN/Wi-Fi 6 AX200
  • Price is well into X570 territory

Asus ProArt B550 Creator: B550 Motherboard Cpu Support

It is imperative that you have the best hardware available if you wish to create great content. So, if you are in the market for a monitor, there are no better options than the Asus ProArt B550 Creator. It will be easy for you to create great content using this monitor.

As one of the top electronic and technology brands, Asus has everything you need. They are known for their gaming laptop and their workstation series. They have released many new and innovative products in their ProArt series. One of their newly launched product is the Asus ProArt B550 Creator. Considering the power and performance of this product, it is a beast.

The laptop is perfectly crafted to meet your needs. No matter whether you need to do some graphics design worksheets, do video reviewing or want to watch the latest movie, Asus ProArt B550 Creator promises to meet your needs. Check out some of these specs for the Asus laptop.

Asus ProArt B550 Creator

Socket AM4
Chipset AMD B550
Form Factor ATX
Voltage Regulator 12
  • 2x Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports
  • Unique integrated M.2 latches
  • Dual 2.5 GbE ports
  • Only two M.2 sockets and four SATA ports

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk: Ryzen Motherboard Compatibility Chart

MSI introduces its latest gaming laptop, the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk, which features a 15.6-inch FHD display, Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics. It’s priced at Php78,490. MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk hands-on review

With the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk, MSI proves that you can have a powerful gaming laptop for less than $2000. It’s the kind of gaming you can take anywhere, thanks to the lightweight and battery life of over 8 hours.

I am going to be reviewing the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk which has an i7-7700HQ and a GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card All the bells and whistles like an SSD, HDD, and 16GB of DDR4 are present as well. The Laptop is pretty light at 3.6 lbs and will cost you just over $1400. So if that sounds like a good laptop for you you can pick it up Here.

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk

Socket AM4
Chipset AMD B550
Form Factor ATX
Voltage Regulator 13
Brand MSI
  • Capable 13-Phase 60A Power Delivery
  • Dual Ethernet (1/2.5 GbE)
  • High-power fan/pump headers
  • Only six USB ports on Rear IO

Quick Shopping Tips:

If you are looking for a motherboard for your new or existing build, there are several factors that you need to consider. Depending on how much money you want to spend, what kind of performance and aesthetics do you want, and whether or not you need things like built-in Wi-Fi depends on which of these five motherboards is best for your PC.

CPU Socket:

You need to check which CPU socket is supported by your processor. Make sure that the motherboard you buy has the socket that your processor support or else you may face severe underperformance issues. The Ryzen 7 5800X requires an AM4 socket which is why all the motherboards on this list have AM4 sockets.

Power Supply:

The motherboard you buy should have a decent power design and VRM to deliver a sufficient power supply to the processor. The processor can only provide good overclocking and gaming performance if the motherboard can power it to push it to its limit.

Cooling solution:

Make sure that your motherboard supports high-performance networking solutions like onboard WiFi and LAN enhancing software etc. They improve the quality of the network and provide a stable online experience with a lower latency rate.

PCIe 4.0 support:

Your motherboard must have PCIe 4.0 slots to enhance the performance of the GPU and storage devices. You will get better performance if your motherboard supports these latest slots. You should also consider RAM, expansion slots, and aesthetics while buying a motherboard. You’ll make a smart consumer choice if you follow these tips

Connections and Networks:

When you buy a motherboard, check for the connections and networking it offers and your needs. Make sure the board provides you USB, M.2 drive, and HDMI connectivity. At the same time, don’t forget about gaming networks such as WIFI, Ethernet, and Bluetooth, if you want them, and ensure these specs are on your board before buying


VRMs are voltage regulator modules that give the power to the CPU to handle loaded work smoothly and fast. If your motherboard has low voltage, then your processor will suffer from bottlenecks and throttling during working. So, always make sure to have a motherboard with high VRMs.

Motherboard and Socket Size:

The size of the motherboard and socket is significant to note down before purchasing one of the motherboards compatible with the ryzen 7 5800X. This processor comes with an AM4 socket size, so buy a board compatible with the AM4 socket. Also, decide which size of board you will buy, whether MINI-ITX, Micro-ATX or straightforward.


With the B550 chipset, you can easily overclock your CPU to get more performance out of it or use it in a build that needs a lot of expansion slots for things like multiple graphics cards. The B550 also supports multiple RAM slots for more memory for your build. If you’re looking for a motherboard that has a lot of great features, then the ASRock AM1B-ITX might be for you!

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