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Looking for the best CPU cooler? Look no further! Our selection includes top-rated models from some of the biggest brands in the business. Whether you need a high-performance cooler for overclocking or something more budget-friendly, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our experts are standing by to help you choose the perfect model for your needs.

The Hyper 212 EVO is one of the cheap CPU coolers on the market. It’s affordable and it delivers great performance. If you’re looking for something that will keep your CPU running cool, this is the perfect option.

Following Are The Best CPU Cooler

If you’re in the market for a great CPU cooler, you’re in luck! We’ve got a great selection for you to choose from. Check out our favorites below.

I’ve been through a few different CPU coolers and I have to say, the best one I’ve ever used is the Cryorig H7. It installs easily, doesn’t take up too much room, and keeps my CPU running at a consistent temperature. If you’re in the market for a new CPU cooler, I highly recommend checking out the Cryorig H7!

EK-AIO Basic 240

I don’t usually make it a habit of writing reviews but I feel obligated to do so for this product. I’ve been using the EK-AIO Basic 240 for about two months now and have really come to love it. It’s simple, compact, and most importantly, quiet. I would highly recommend this to anyone in the market for an all-in-one cooler!

I was so excited when I was offered the chance to test out the EK-AIO Basic 240. I’d heard good things about it, but I wasn’t sure if it would be the right cooler for me. After all, I’m not a huge overclocker, and I wasn’t sure if this all-in-one water cooler could handle my processor. Boy, was I wrong! This thing is amazing!

It keeps my processor cool even when I’m pushing it to its limits, and it’s really easy to use. Plus, it looks great too! If you’re looking for an all-in-one water cooler that can handle any overclocking challenge, then you need to check out the EK-AIO Basic

EK-AIO Basic 240

Socket support:  Intel LGA: 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, AMD AM4 compatible
Scale:  240mm
Full radiator dimensions:  275mm x 120mm x 27mm
Fan speeds:  550-2200 RPM
Noise level:  Up to 33.5 dB(A)
  • The performance of 360mm coolers lags behind the performance of 180mm coolers
  • A good value for the money
  • No RGB
  • Cooler aesthetics may not be for you, as it looks rather plain

Deepcool Gammaxx L240 V2

I’m not a huge overclocker, but I do like to push my hardware to its limits every now and then. So when Deepcool offered me their Gammaxx L240 V2 cooler to test, I couldn’t say no. The 120mm radiator and dual PWM fans sounded promising, and I was excited to see how it would compare to my stock cooler.

After giving it a go, I have to say that the Gammaxx L240 V2 is quite impressive! Not only does it keep my CPU running cool under heavy loads, but the noise level is also much lower than my stock cooler. If you’re in the market for a new CPU cooler, be sure to check out the Gammaxx L240

I’m a PC builder who likes to have the latest and greatest components in my systems. When I saw that Deepcool had come out with the Gammaxx L240 V2 cooler, I knew I had to try it out. After all, it’s got a 240mm radiator and six copper heat pipes, so it should be able to handle anything I throw at it! Plus, the LEDs on the fans are really nice.

Deepcool Gammaxx L240 V2
Socket support:  Intel LGA20XX, LGA1366, LGA1200, 115X, AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, FM2, FM1
Scale:  240mm
Full radiator dimensions:  280mm x 120mm x 27mm
Fan speeds:  500-1800 RPM
Noise level:  Up to 30dB(A)
  • This is a terrific resource
  • Good cooling ability
  • At idle, effectively silent
  • Under significant CPU load, it can get quite loud

Corsair Hydro Series H60 V2

I remember the day my Corsair Hydro Series H60 V2 arrived. I quickly opened the packaging, eagerly installed it in my machine, and fired it up. From that moment on, I was a believer in liquid CPU cooling. The Hydro Series H60 V2 is simply amazing!

Its performance is top-notch, and its noise level is incredibly low. Simply put, if you’re looking for an outstanding liquid CPU cooler, the Corsair Hydro Series H60 V2 is definitely worth considering. Thanks for reading! 🙂

I’m a big believer in keeping my PC as cool and quiet as possible, so when I was offered the chance to review Corsair’s Hydro Series H60 V2 CPU cooler, I jumped at it! This updated version of Corsair’s popular H60 CPU cooler features a redesigned pump and cold plate for even better performance and noise levels. Keep reading for my full thoughts on this little powerhouse!

Corsair Hydro Series H60 V2

Socket support:  Intel LGA 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2066, AMD AM4, AM3 & AM2
Scale:  120mm
Full radiator dimensions:  157mm x 120mm x 27mm
Fan speeds:  Up to 1700 RPM
Noise level:  Up to 28.3 dB(A) 
  • A small radiator with good performance
  • Generally quiet operation
  • Affordably priced
  • With super high-end CPUs, it would struggle

Deepcool AS500 Plus

I have to say that I’m really impressed with the Deepcool AS500 Plus. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it definitely delivers. The design is sleek and modern, and it’s really quiet. Plus, it has a ton of features that make it a great choice for any home office or small business. Highly recommend!

I was really excited when I got the chance to review the Deepcool AS500 Plus. It’s a great-looking case that has some nifty features, like the built-in lighting and fan controller.

I couldn’t wait to see how it performed. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with it. The construction quality isn’t great and it’s not very easy to work with. Still, it’s not a bad case and it might be worth considering if you’re on a tight budget.

Deepcool AS500 Plus
Socket support:  Intel 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 2011, 2066, AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, FM2 & FM1 compatible
Fans:  2x 140 mm PWM
Fan speeds:  500-1200 RPM
Dimensions (L x W x H):  140 mm x 102 mm x 164 mm
Noise level:  Max 31.5 dB(A)  
  • Value for money
  • Low noise levels
  • Efficient cooling
  • Quality Construction
  • Overclocked CPUs are not supported

Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black for a while now, and finally had the chance to do so. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after using it for a little while, I love it! The black color is awesome and really makes the cooler stand out. It was also very easy to install. Overall, I highly recommend this cooler if you’re looking for something that looks great and performs even better!

I was recently in need of a new CPU cooler, so I started doing some research. After reading a lot of reviews, I decided on the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black. Let me tell you, this cooler is awesome! Not only does it keep my CPU nice and cool, but it also looks great with its black finish. Plus,

the included Chromax fan covers allow you to customize the color of the fan blades to match your build. If you’re looking for an excellent CPU cooler that also looks great, I highly recommend the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black.

Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black

Socket support:  Intel LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, FM2 & FM1 compatible
Fans:  2x NF-A15 HS-PWM
Fan speeds:  300-1500 RPM
Dimensions (L x W x H):  161 mm x 150 mm x 165 mm
Noise level:  Max 24.6 dB(A)  
  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Quiet under typical loads
  • Solid build quality
  • Good looks in blac
  • Unexpectedly loud under load

Noctua NH-P1

It’s a question that has plagued mankind for centuries: when is the best time to replace your CPU cooler? Well, worry no more. Noctua NH-P1 is here to provide you with the answer. The NH-P1 uses an asymmetrical design which allows it to cool CPUs of varying sizes effectively and efficiently with its six heat pipes and two fans.

With four different mounting options, this CPU cooler can be used on any modern motherboard. It also comes equipped with Noctua’s SecuFirm2 system for easy installation without sacrificing stability or performance in any way.

Noctua NH-P1 is a passive CPU cooler that has been designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts and overclockers. The heatsink features six heat pipes with an aluminum fin design for optimal airflow and cooling performance. It is compatible with all current LGA2011 sockets, including Intel’s upcoming Haswell-E platform which will be released in Q3 2014.

Noctua NH-P1

Type:  Passive air cooling
Compatibility:  Intel LGA 1200, 115x, 2011/2066; AMD AM2-AM4
Fan speed:  NA
Noise volume:  Silent
Dimensions:  158 x 154 x 152 mm
Weight:  1800 g
  • Silently silent
  • Compatible with high-end CPUs
  • Suitable for gaming workloads
  • Large

Noctua NH-L9

Although it may seem small, the Noctua NH-L9 can deliver big performance when it comes to CPU cooling. Thanks to its design and low-profile form factor, this CPU cooler is perfect for smaller cases and can even be used in conjunction with a graphics card. Plus, it’s quiet and easy to install, making it a great option for those looking for an affordable CPU cooler that doesn’t skimp on quality. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Are you looking for an affordable CPU cooler that still delivers great performance? Then check out the Noctua NH-L9! This little cooler is perfect for small form factor builds, and it even comes with a Y-cable so you can use it with dual RAM slots. Plus, the included NF-A9 PWM fan ensures optimal airflow and noise levels. So if you’re on a tight budget, the Noctua NH-L9 is definitely worth considering!

The Noctua NH-L9 is a low-profile CPU cooler that is perfect for small form factor cases and HTPCs. It features a 92mm fan and six heat pipes, and it can be mounted to most Intel and AMD sockets. The NH-L9 is also very quiet, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments. In our testing, we found that it was able to keep our CPU cool even when overclocked, and it offers great value for the price. If you’re looking for a low-profile CPU cooler that will keep your system cool without taking up too much space, the Noctua NH-L9 is definitely worth considering.

Noctua NH-L9

Type:  Fan and heatsink
Compatibility:  Intel LGA 1156/1155/1151; AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2
Rotation frequency:  Up to 2500 RPM
Noise volume:  14.8dbA – 23.6dbA
Dimensions (W x D x H):  206 x 184 x 37mm
Weight 1.03 pounds (0.47kg)  
  • Ultra compact
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of six years
  • Only 92mm fan

Quick Shopping Tips

Temperatures are rising and with it the need for better cooling. So what’s the best way to cool your CPU? In this blog post, we’ll help you choose the best CPU cooler for your needs. We’ll walk you through the different types of coolers available and recommend a few models that will keep your temperatures in check. Let’s dive in!

What is the most effective CPU cooler?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a CPU cooler, like the type and heat sink material. When it comes down to keeping your processor cool during intense workloads or just playing games on low-end computers with little power – there’s no better choice than Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid ML360 Sub Zero!

Cooling your computer without breaking the bank is possible with a good air cooler. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, for example, costs only $25 and can keep your processor cool enough in even really hot environments like bathrooms or bedrooms where most liquid cooling systems wouldn’t work well at all due to heating issues caused by other materials nearby (like curtains).

Do I need a CPU cooler?

CPUs generate a ton of heat, and so every single one out there is going to need some kind of cooler. There will be some that come with it already- but even low-range parts should expect an additional cooling unit in order for their processor not to overwork itself! When you start getting into more expensive devices or anything by Intel themselves, make sure your purchase comes equipped with the best CPU Coolers money can buy

Is liquid cooling better for CPU?

Yes, there are some people out in the pro overclocking world that uses elaborate water cooling loops. These systems keep their hardware at an optimal temperature very well and can usually be found following this type of setup when they’re not carefully managing things like power consumption or clock speeds for stability reasons (to avoid crashing).

But what about something you buy off store shelves? Well-built computers typically come with liquid-cooled units these days as standard equipment so unless your user has Specialist knowledge when it comes down mixingimmership between air coolers/ positive resists etc., then generally speaking anything less than extreme

Professional liquid cooling systems are expensive and take up a lot of space. If you want something to rival the performance without all that hassle, check out our list for best air coolers on PCPartPicker!


So, you want to know about the Best CPU Cooler? You are in the right place. The best CPU cooler is an air cooling unit that dissipates the heat generated by the computer through a convection procedure. It helps keep your desktop components from getting too hot for them to be functional. With it, your computer will always run at its optimal temperatures and provide you with a chance of maximizing your PC’s performance and usability.

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