Best Monitors Under $200

If you are looking to buy a monitor, but don’t want to pay too much, then our list of the best monitors under $200 might be for you. We have looked at dozens and dozens of monitors in order to find the very best ones on offer right now and we’ve put them together in this guide so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your next monitor.

Here is a list of the perfect monitors under $200. The information in this post will help you find exactly what you need, and there are also helpful reviews included!

The cheap monitors under $200 is a list of 10 monitors that we found to be the very best in their respective categories, and all cost less than $200. The list includes budget options for gamers, office users, and even photographers alike.

These aren’t necessarily cheap options per se, but they are affordable by most people without compromising too much on features and build quality, making them ideal choices for anyone looking for a new monitor right now.

Following are The Best Monitors Under $200

Our list of Affordable monitors under $200 is all about value. We’ve looked at dozens and dozens of different monitors and we’ve come to understand that while there’s a lot of really great monitors out there, we can find plenty that offers an excellent screen and brilliant design for about $200.

Acer R240HY

The Acer R240HY monitor is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade or replace their current monitor. It features a beautiful IPS display, with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 5ms response time.

The colors are vibrant, the viewing angles are wide, and it has built-in speakers so you don’t have to worry about hooking up external speakers or headphones if you don’t want to. It also comes with HDMI/MHL connectivity so you can use it as a second screen for your smartphone or tablet! This is definitely my go-to monitor whenever I need one!

The Acer R240HY is the perfect companion for any professional who needs to keep multiple tasks going at once. It has an affordable price tag, plenty of features and it even comes with its own stand so you can set up your workstation without needing another one!

The Acer R240HY is a powerfully crafted monitor that doesn’t skimp on features. With its frameless 24-inch screen and FHD resolution, the device offers perfect clarity for a multi-monitor setup or as your main display alone thanks to its sRGB color profile which covers 100% of possible colors in any environment knowing how to see what you want to do next!

Acer R240HY

Acer R240HY (Image credit: Amazon)

Model Name: R240HY
Part Number: UM.QR0EE.026
Screen Size: 23.8″
Brightness: 250 cd/m²
Backlight: LED
Stand: Tilt (-5°~15°)
Panel Type: IPS (In-plane Switching)
Colour Supported: 16.7 Million 

  • Nice price.
  • Good color and gray-scale performance.
  • Low input lag.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Tilt-only stand.

Acer SB220Q

Acer’s SB220Q is an outstanding monitor for gamers, with a fast refresh rate and good visual quality. The Acer SB220Q is the perfect gaming monitor for your desk space. It has a 21-inch screen size, with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution that will provide you with crisp visuals in all of your games!

With 144Hz refresh rates and AMD FreeSync Technology, this monitor ensures that all of your games run smoothly without any lag or inconsistency in the graphics. If you’re looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, then get yourself one of these monitors!

Acer has been one of the industry’s most affordable and reliable computer products for years. The Acer SB220Q is a prime example, with its 22-inch screen that can fit into small spaces yet has all the necessary components to give you an amazing experience! Minimal bezels on this budget-friendly model make it an ideal choice as well if your workplace needs multiple monitors or side by side viewing options in tight spots like conference rooms

The Acer SB220Q is a 22-inch monitor that has all the features you need in your office. With its low price and compact design, this affordable computer product can be fitted into any workspace while still providing high-quality visuals for multiple monitors set up side by side!

Acer SB220Q

Acer SB220Q (Image credit: Amazon)

Native Resolution: 1920 by 1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Technology: IPS
Rated Screen Luminance: 250 cd/m^2
Panel Size (Corner-to-Corner): 21.5 inches
Model Name:  SB220Q
Part Number:  UM.WS0SM.001
  • Low price for an elegant design
  • Three-year warranty
  • Ultra-thin IPS panel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Basic feature set

Sceptre E248W-19203R

The Sceptre E248W-19203R is a Full HD 1080p LED TV, which means you can enjoy all of your favorite shows and movies in the best possible picture quality. The Sceptre E248W-19203R features built-in Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to stream Netflix or Hulu right from your living room.

This internet-ready TV also has 3 HDMI ports for connecting entertainment devices like game consoles and BluRay players. With this model’s 120Hz refresh rate, fast response time, and 6 ms input lag time (which are among the lowest of any models tested), gaming will be more enjoyable than ever before! All of these features make the Sceptre E248W

The Sceptre E248W-19203R is a fantastic choice for most computer users. You get an HD screen size that provides plenty of detail with 1920 x 1080 resolution, which makes it perfect for gaming or office workers alike!

It also offers solid refresh rates and adaptive sync capabilities so your games will always look beautiful without any lag time between frames – even when using multiple monitors/displays at once (or wall mounting). And don’t forget about the built-in speakers either; you can be confident in playing music loudly without worrying about damaging something expensive due to its thinness because this monitor has VESA compatibility too! For under 150 bucks? Unbelievable!!

Sceptre’s E248W-19203R offers a number of features that make it great for gamers and computer users alike. With its 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, this monitor provides sharp visuals with excellent detail; furthermore, the refresh rate is strong enough to play games smoothly without any lag or frame rates dropping out on you during intense scenes!

It also comes equipped with built-in speakers as well as adjustable monitor arms which will help accommodate those who want multiple screens setups at their desktops (perfect if two computers are needed). And don’t forget about how thin this product really is: under 150 bucks? You better believe we’re talking value here folks!–Selling Points: Display Size/Resolution; Refresh Rate

Sceptre E248W-19203R

Sceptre E248W-19203R (Image credit: Amazon)

Model Name:  E248W-19203R
Viewing Angle Viewing Angle: 178° (H) / 178° (V)
Brightness Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Display Colors Display Colors: 16.7 Million
Pixel Pitch: 0.2745mm 
  • High contrast ratio
  • FreeSync up to 75Hz
  • Two HDMI ports, built-in speakers
  • Minor ghosting in fast-paced games, mainly in darker scenes

Philips 246E9QDSB

If you’re looking for a great monitor with all the bells and whistles, look no further than this Philips 246E9QDSB 24-inch LED Monitor. It is equipped with a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution that gives incredibly clear images.

The monitor also features an ultra-slim design and adjustable height stand so it can fit perfectly on your desk. Furthermore, this monitor has built-in speakers and HDMI connectivity to give you an excellent multimedia experience. If you want the best of the best then get yourself this Philips 246E9QDSB 24-inch LED Monitor today!

The Philips 246E9QDSB is perfect for designers, photographers, and anyone else who appreciates color accuracy. It covers an unbelievable 129% SRGB (CIE 1976) as well 108 percent of NTSC gamut- meaning that you will never have any problems when it comes time to match colors on-screen against what they are supposed to look like in real life! This price may surprise some people but I’m sure once they see how good this product looks compared with other higher-end models out there their minds won’t really be changed about the cost

The Philips 246E9QDSB is perfect for any designer or photographer. With a color accuracy that covers 129% of the sRGB and 108 percent NTSC standards, this monitor will be sure to impress you with its quality!


Philips 246E9QDSB

Philips 246E9QDSB (Image credit: Amazon)

Height Adjustment: None
Mounting-Hole Pattern: 75 x 75 mm
Lock Slot: Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D): 21.3 x 16.4 x 7.5″ / 54.1 x 41.7 x 19.1 cm (with Stand) 21.3 x 12.8 x 1.5″ / 54.1 x 32.5 x 3.8 cm (without Stand)
Weight: 6.47 lb / 2.93 kg (with Stand) 5.26 lb / 2.39 kg (without Stand) 
  • Vivid and life-like colors
  • This IPS panel has incredible viewing angles and color consistency
  • 4K works very well
  • VESA mountable
  • The stand can be ergonomically built.

LG 24M47VQ

LG 24M47VQ is a new monitor that has just hit the market. There are many features to this particular monitor, so we will briefly go over them here. The LG 24M47VQ is a really great choice for gamers because it comes with AMD FreeSync technology and 144Hz refresh rate, which means you won’t have any problems with screen tearing or stuttering when playing games on your computer. It also comes with an eye care feature called Flicker Safe, which helps reduce eyestrain from all those late night gaming sessions!

The LG 24M57VQ is a sleek, stylish monitor with an incredible price tag. It instantly upgrades your office or work environment the second you set it up and has been known as “just right” by many computer users because of their affordable pricing which can be paired beautifully together in matching color schemes!

This sleek and stylish monitor offers an incredible price tag. It’s just the right size for most computer users, who have even purchased multiple LG 24M57VQ monitors at once because of their affordable pricing and design features like tilt adjustability or height adjustment.

The LG 24M57VQ is a stylish, affordable monitor that instantly upgrades your office or work environment the second you set it up. The 23-inch screen size makes this computer perfect for most users – there are even multiple in one package with prices so low!


LG 24M47VQ

LG 24M47VQ (Image credit: Amazon)

Size: 23.6″
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Finish: Matte
Maximum Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 5,000,000:1 
  • It’s a great choice for gamers.
  • The monitor is made with eye care in mind.
  • Great for gamers with AMD FreeSync technology and 144Hz refresh rate.
  • Your eyes will thank you after long, stressful gaming sessions.

What can you get with a Monitor Under $200?

Screen Size:

Monitors that cost less than $200 often have 19 inches to 27 inches screens, with most being 24 inches. The popular size of all monitors is currently the 24-inch variety and not much difference between other sizes at different prices ranging from about 10% more expensive up until 50%. 27 Inches displays are also very common since they provide you plenty of working space while still taking up little storage or desktop real estate


The benefits of a 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen resolution are clear when it comes to the 19-27 inch range. With pixels not widely distributed, the image is sharper and more detailed than one with lower pixel density like what can be found on an under 200 dollar monitor that only offers up something less impressive such as 1168P or 1366 X 768 dot counts (which translates into about 80% vertical height).

Refresh Rate & Response Time:

A monitor’s refresh rate and response time are key factors that determine display speed. Most monitors under 200 dollars come with a 60Hz (frames per second), which will do well for most tasks in daily life but not intense gaming sessions where you need higher speeds like 75 Hz or 165 Hz. Some of the screens have specifications up to 75-165HZ depending on what your personal preference may be – these higher rates can help improve performance when playing games!

Display Technology:

The best monitors under 200 dollars are IPS panels. This means they offer more vibrant colors and increased viewing angles than their TN counterparts, which appear dull when viewed from sides but not so much with an In-Plane Switching display like those found on this list!


If you are looking to buy a monitor, but don’t want to pay too much, then our list of the best monitors under $200 might be for you. We have looked at dozens and dozens of monitors in order to find the very best ones on offer right now and we’ve put them together in this guide so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase your next monitor.

We have finished our list of the best monitors under $200. If you are looking for a new monitor, then this article will help point you in the right direction. Now that we’ve covered all of these awesome options, it is time to decide on the one that suits your needs and budget the most!

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