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Are you looking for the best horizontal PC case? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best horizontal PC cases on the market. We’ll also be providing a few tips on what to look for when choosing a horizontal PC case. So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

Now that most people are using laptops, towers have become a thing of the past. But if you want the best performance possible out of your computer, you’ll want to use a tower. And not just any tower, but one with a horizontal design. Here is our list of the cheap horizontal PC cases on the market today. Hope you find it helpful!

Following Are The Best Horizontal PC Case

When it comes to PC cases, most people think about the traditional tower design. However, there are also a number of great horizontal PC cases on the market that can be a great fit for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best horizontal PC cases available and discuss the pros and cons of each one. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this type of case, keep reading!

SilverStone Technology GD09B

Who wouldn’t love a sturdy, high-quality computer case that’s also super stylish? If you’re in the market for a new computer case, I’d highly recommend checking out SilverStone Technology’s GD09B. I actually had the chance to check this bad boy out recently and was really impressed! Not only is it well-constructed, but it also has a sleek design that will look great in any home office or media room. Plus, there’s plenty of room inside for all of your PC components – perfect if you like to keep your hardware nice and organized. So if you’re in the market for a new case, be sure to add the GD09B from SilverStone Technology to your list! You won’t regret it.

SilverStone Technology has always been about creating the most premium computer components and enclosures. From chassis to power supplies and everything in between, SilverStone has always focused on making the best products possible. This philosophy is once again on full display with the release of their new GD09B HTPC chassis.

The SilverStone Technology GD09B is not only a great HTPC case, but it also doubles as a small form factor gaming rig! With features like support for Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards, dual-slot graphics cards up to 310mm in length, and USB 3.0 connectivity, this case is perfect for any home theater or gaming setup. So if you’re looking for a well-rounded HTPC/gaming chassis

SilverStone Technology GD09B

Brand:  SilverStone Technology
Case Form Factor: Horizontal Mini ITX
 Case Material: Plastic front panel with faux aluminum finish +0.8mm steel body
 Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, SSI-CEB
Drive Bay: 1+2+1
GPU Clearance: 310mm
CPU Clearance: 138mm
PSU Clearance:   170mm 

  • GPU and PSU clearance
  • Compact with brushed metal aesthetics
  • Filtered Air Positive Pressure to prevent dust accumulation
  • No liquid cooling radiator support

Thermaltake Core P5 V2

If you’re in the market for an open-air case, Thermaltake has just what you need with their Core P5 V2. This chassis features a redesigned front panel and comes with a pre-installed 200mm fan that delivers optimal airflow. Plus, there’s plenty of room for larger graphics cards and even liquid cooling systems. So, if you’re looking for a cool and stylish way to show off your hardware, be sure to check out the Core P5 V2.

If so, the Thermaltake Core P5 V2 wall-mounted case is perfect for you! This case has a lot of great features, including plenty of cooling options and support for GPUs up to 16 inches long. Plus, it looks really cool! Keep reading to learn more about this case and see pictures of it in action.

Thermaltake Core P5 V2 is the latest version of the award-winning open frame chassis. It offers enthusiasts and PC builders a versatile, high-performance platform that can be used in a variety of ways. The Core P5 V2 has been updated with new features, including a built-in power supply shroud, cable management system, and 360 mm radiator mount. Plus, it supports motherboards up to Extended ATX in size. If you’re looking for an open frame case that’s both versatile and stylish, the Core P5 V2 is definitely worth checking out!

Thermaltake Core P5 V2

Brand: Thermaltake
Case Form Factor: Mid Tower
Case Material: SGCC
Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
Drive Bay: Two 3.5”/2.5”
Expansion Slots: 8
GPU Clearance: 320mm
CPU Clearance: 180mm
PSU Clearance: 200mm
USB Version:   3.0 
  • Supports 480mm radiator extension
  • Fascinating Aesthetics with 5mm Clear Glass
  • High-quality, wall-mountable material
  • There is no room for an optical drive

Thermaltake Core G3

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish Micro ATX case that can handle powerful gaming hardware, the Thermaltake Core G3 is a great option. This case is made of durable steel and plastic, has a large transparent side window, and comes in several different colors.

It’s also got plenty of cooling options, including space for up to three 120mm fans. Plus, it’s easy to set up and use. So if you’re shopping for a new Micro ATX case, be sure to check out the Core G3!

The Thermaltake Core G3 is the latest in a long line of gaming cases from the popular computer component manufacturer. This mid-tower case features plenty of cooling options and room for expansion, making it perfect for gamers and PC enthusiasts alike. Plus, its stylish design will look great in any home office or gaming setup. Keep reading to learn more about the Thermaltake Core G3!

Thermaltake Core G3

Brand: Thermaltake
Case Form Factor: Slim ATX
Case Material: SPCC
Motherboard Support: ATX / Micro ATX / Mini ITX
Drive Bay:  2  
  • There are two 120mm fans pre-installed
  • Offers Two-Way placement layout
  • Support for virtual reality (VR) games in 4K
  • There is no RGB function built-in

SilverStone GD08

There’s something about the SilverStone GD08 that just makes it so darn appealing. Maybe it’s the small form factor, or maybe it’s the brushed aluminum finish. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that this case is one good-looking piece of hardware! But looks aren’t everything, right? So let’s take a closer look and see how well the GD08 performs. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t disappoint!

Computer cases come in all shapes and sizes, but the SilverStone GD08 caught my eye because of its unique design. I was curious to see how it would perform, so I decided to take a closer look. The GD08 is made of aluminum and steel, which gives it a sturdy feel.

It also has a built-in handle on top, making it easy to transport. Inside, there’s plenty of room for your components, including a full-sized graphic card. And if you need extra storage space, the GD08 has got you covered; it comes with two hot-swappable drive bays. So far, I’m impressed with this case!

SilverStone GD08
Brand: SilverStone Technology
Case Form Factor: Horizontal
Case Material: Aluminum front panel, SECC body
Motherboard Support: E-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / SSI-EEB / SSI-CEB
Drive Bay:  2+8+2 
  • Filters on the left and right of the fan are removable
  • Smallest design with rack mounting option
  • Two hot-swappable drive bays and two USB 3.0 ports are on the front
  • Screwless design is not incorporated

Antec VSK2000

Do you need a quality, budget-friendly desktop computer case? If so, the Antec VSK2000 may be right for you. This case is perfect for gamers or anyone else who needs a lot of power and performance from their hardware. Plus, it’s very affordable! Keep reading to learn more about this great product.

Desktop computer cases come in all shapes and sizes. It can be tough to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a quality, budget-friendly case, the Antec VSK2000 may be just what you need. This case was designed with gamers in mind. But don’t worry – it’s also perfect for anyone who needs a lot of power and performance from their hardware.

If you are in the market for a new case, Antec has a great option with the VSK2000. This case is affordably priced and comes with some great features. You can easily install up to five hard drives, and the two front USB ports make it easy to connect devices. The VSK2000 also includes a 120mm fan for cooling, which is important for keeping your system running smoothly. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a new case.

Antec VSK2000

Brand: Antec
Case Form Factor: Micro-ATX
Case Material: Sheet Metal
Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
Drive Bay:  1+1+1  
  • Included is an optical drive
  • Enough space for HTPC components
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing
  • No pre-installed power supply

SilverStone ML04

This just in: the SilverStone ML04 is now available to order! If you’re looking for a low-profile chassis that can accommodate your ATX motherboard and high-end graphics card, then this case is definitely worth considering. With its clean aesthetic and modular design, the ML04 is perfect for anyone who wants a sleek and professional-looking PC. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible case!

I was recently given the opportunity to review the SilverStone ML04, a mini-tower chassis designed for HTPCs or small form factor builds. I was intrigued by the possibility of using such a small case for my next build and wanted to see how it would hold up. In this review, I’ll discuss my impressions of the ML04 as well as some of its features. Stay tuned for the full verdict!

SilverStone ML04

Brand: SilverStone Technology
Case Form Factor: Horizontal Micro-ATX
Case Material: Aluminum front door and plastic front panel + steel body
Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Drive Bay: 1+2+1
Expansion Slots: 4+1
GPU Clearance: 74mm
CPU Clearance:  70mm  
  • Front door with lock and power button
  • It offers perfect 350mm depth for HTPC
  • Brightness-adjustable LED indicator
  • No USB type-a port on the front panel

Fractal Design Node 202

Looking for a small form factor case that can handle a high-end gaming PC? The Fractal Design Node 202 might be just the thing. This case is designed to be compact and easy to work in, while still providing plenty of room for your hardware. Plus, its clean design will look great in any setup. Keep reading for our full review!

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to spruce up your home office. Well, friends, I’ve got something special for you today. Fractal Design has just released their newest product – the Node 202. This compact case is perfect for anyone who wants a sleek and professional look without taking up too much space. And if that’s not enough to convince you, let me tell you about some of its other features…

There’s something about small form factor cases that just makes me happy. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re so much easier to transport, or the simplicity in their design. Whatever the reason may be, I’m a big fan of mini-ITX cases, and the Fractal Design Node 202 is no exception.

This little guy is perfect for anyone looking for a small but capable case with plenty of options for upgrades down the road. Plus, it looks good too! So if you’re in the market for a new case and you’re not sure where to start, keep reading – I think you’ll like what you see.

Fractal Design Node 202

Brand: Fractal Design
Case Form Factor: Mini Tower
Case Material: SPCC
Motherboard Support: Mini ITX
Drive Bay: 0+0+2
Expansion Slots:  2  

  • Provides dual chambers
  • SFX power supplies available
  • Elegant, versatile, and sleek design
  • Ion SFX-L is not supported

Buying Guide

There are a lot of things to consider when buying the best horizontal PC case, and you should be more careful while making your purchase because it’ll hold all of our expensive gadgets. This article will help guide in recognition for main factors that must streak during shopping journey with integrity-oriented brands or stores offer fine quality products at affordable rates so let’s start!


The first thing you should pay attention to when picking out a PC case is orientation. Vertical and horizontal cases are both common, but there isn’t much of an effect on performance so it’s up to each person what they prefer!

Build quality

The next one we have that matters is excellent build quality. As you know, the PC cases will be housing your essential components in it like graphics cards and motherboards which means they need to be sturdy so nothing breaks or falls out when carrying them around! Make sure not only does a case have good design but also strong construction because this saves time down the line if something needs fixing later on – all of these discussed here are top-notch with great features for durability as well

The first thing most builders consider before putting together their custom gaming rig (OCR) would probably  be what type of casing(s), PSU’s/amps etc., should go inside each separate compartment within said chassis; luckily nowadays there

Toole-free installation

The idea of using screwdrivers and pliers for mounting your PC components is an old one. These days, cases come with a tool-free design that makes installation much easier – you can just slot in all the parts without any need to use screws or other tools! There’s also more than meets the eye: by simplifying disassembly it means higher morale should there ever need to arise where someone needs access inside but doesn’t have permission; plus they’re now simpler too meaningless likelihoods of getting lost among others things laying around

Size of the PC case

When you buy a PC, it’s important to make sure the case fits your needs. There are many sizes and shapes for different purposes – Mini-ITX cases that fit most motherboards or E-ATX ones which can house large video cards in addition with their other components like CPU coolers up top.

Cable management

It’s important to ensure your PC has enough room for all of the cables you’ll be connecting. A messy workstation can cause unnecessary headaches when building or troubleshooting a system, so take care with cable management!

The performance depends on which wires are where in order not only to optimize speeds but also protect against damages from occurring due too tight quarters – don’t forget about that space though because even if there isn’t anything hooked up yet this will change soon enough without some extra elbow grease put towards organization first-hand

Drive bays

The number of drive bays on your PC will depend largely upon the equipment you need to use it. All these PCs come with different numbers, so make sure that’s what suits you best!


The airflow gets restricted because of the PC case’s poor design. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Make sure you buy a sound air ventilation system for your system so not only will it’s cool but also stay tuned with all the latest updates from Gtech gaming news on our social media channels too!!


The horizontal PC cases we have discussed are all great options, but it’s important to find the one that is right for you. We hope this blog post has helped in your decision-making process and wish you luck! If not, don’t worry; there are plenty of other models out there waiting for you to discover them.

With the right horizontal PC case, you’ll be able to get a lot more out of your hardware. You can use this information and these tips on choosing an ideal horizontal PC case for yourself or someone else who might need it!

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