How Many Amps Does A Gaming PC Use?

Let me make one point clear and unambiguous–we know without a doubt that electricity is an incredibly efficient energy source; it has made all aspects of life easier, helping improve people’s lives.

It has innumerable applications in our day-to-day lives and provides an exceptionally higher quality of life than what humans are used to.

Although it may be a lot cheaper than other products with similar qualities, this product is quite costly and will take up all of your monthly bill money if you don’t watch what you’re doing while using it.

Now if you’re a gamer, then you know the importance of electricity; without it there can be no power to your gaming device or computer which keeps it running and provides a realistic experience for hours on end.

And because it is no secret that gaming computers consume less power than a traditional desktop, the question might arise – how many amps does a gaming PC consume?

In order to answer this question, it is imperative that we first establish what basic means.

What is an AMP?

AMP is an abbreviation for ampere, which as you may know, is an SI unit of electric current. It typically stands for the intensity of a circuit or flow of electricity.

It is important to know this, especially if you have a gaming computer and don’t want it fried from using the wrong amperage. It’s also important in order to avoid an astronomical electric bill from skyrocketing when running many devices at once.

How Is a Traditional PC Different from a Gaming PC?

Since a gaming PC has much more complex components and often includes fancy gimmickry such as colored lights, they require more power than an average desktop computer. This means that they are at a disadvantage when considering amps because of their higher power consumption.

More importantly, gamers use more than one monitor – in addition to a beefy graphics card and CPU. This is certainly not something you should take lightly

Additionally, running games and video editing applications also push your desktop limits, forcing it to consume all the electricity it can get. Therefore, a gaming PC consumes far more electricity than an average desktop would.

How Many AMPS Does A Gaming PC Use

Yes, I do admit that you were probably getting bored there reading all this stuff. It can seem a little random and unrelated but it’s important for understanding the bigger picture.

The reason for this is that AMP measurements are dependent on the amount of voltage being received in one’s area. In some western countries, 120 volts is a common occurrence.

On the other hand, countries such as China, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom maintain a voltage of 230 volts.

This is why discrepancies arise while measuring amps, but the general rule of thumb is to simply calculate the wattage power draw of your gaming computer by figuring out the voltage provided in your region.

How Would I Know How Much Watts Does My Computer Draws?

You can use either a power meter or a wattmeter to determine the precise amount of watts used by your personal computer system, which will enable you to calculate how many watts are being drawn every hour. From here, you can estimate the total number of watts being consumed per day.

This will give you an approximation of what watts are needed for your computer according to the voltage in your area, for example 220 volts or 120 volts.

A way of measuring power consumption is to separately observe all of the parts installed on your computer such as graphics cards, processors and memory modules. Calculate the watts from each lightbulb before making an estimate of how much power you are using.

However, using this method may lead to inaccurate results since you can’t predict what load your gaming computer will be under in the future.

To summarize, the best way to measure power consumption is to use a meter designed for the purpose. This will give you accurate results. Multiply this number by your average hourly usage of electricity (in watts) and divide it by the voltage of your region.


Amperes of your computer can be calculated as wattage x hours used over voltage. For example 220 Amps over 120 volts would equal 2200 watts.

Botton Line

So now you know enough about amperes, watts, and voltage when it comes to computer systems. I think some of these words might be too technical for someone like you, but I’m doing my best here to break them down so that there will be no confusion.

Nevertheless, I hope that you were able to find the answer to your question about how many amps a typical gaming PC draws, so you can safely power up your gaming rig without any risk of electrical hazards or high electricity bills.

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