How To Charge MacBook Without Charger-3 Ways

In this article, I will guide you on how to charge MacBook without a charger. Without worrying about forgetting your Macbook’s power cord or it is broken, there are many ways for you to bring the battery back up again – in other words, they’re charging hacks.

Don’t fret if you lose your MacBook charger or it malfunctions. There are many ways to recharge even when we are in an unfortunate situation of forgetting our chargers at home. So don’t worry! Here I’ll list 3 different methods to make sure you never run out of battery again!

Method 1: A USB Converter

You can charge your MacBook if you have an adapter cable that converts USB 3.0 to USB Type-C – it’s perfect for charging your laptop when there is no wall socket nearby.

Luckily, you can charge your MacBook from a PC so long as it has the right equipment. To do this all you need is an adapter that converts USB 3.0 to USB Type-C so that the computer can transfer power to the laptop when plugged in for charging.

  1. Plug the USB cable into your computer now.
  2. Plug the USB-C end of the cable into the relevant port on your Mac and voila.
  3. Soon your MacBook will start receiving the charge. The process is the same as charging a smartphone through a PC.

Method 2: USB Type C

You can charge your MacBook just by using a USB cable. Use it the same way you would to charge your phone; just plug one end of the cord into the USB slot on your laptop and plug the other end into an electrical outlet!

One downside, the charger takes longer to charge due to its low output power. But remember that you don’t need to permanently use this method; as it is not meant for laptops. Compatibility issues arise when using a phone charger on a laptop.

Method 3: Power Bank

One way to charge a MacBook Pro is with a power bank. Power banks often come in handy for charging phones, but they can also be used for charging laptops or tablets.

However, if you need to charge your laptop on the go you’ll need a power bank – and it needs to have USB 3.0 capability or faster. This is so that you can use a USB 3.0 cable (or just an adapter) to plug your laptop in while also charging it without issue.

Some Important Notes

Please note that using an incompatible charger can affect your MacBook negatively. Moreover, the charging speed is low and the process is slower while using a different charger. This will weaken the battery. So, avoid these methods in the long term. Instead, purchase a charger for your MacBook as early as possible.

When your MacBook starts to slow down, you may want to consider using an authorized charger or restoring the laptop’s battery life by adjusting certain settings. You need to purchase an Apple-authorized, safe charger for your MacBook Pro or Air. You can also keep your battery lasting longer by adjusting certain settings.

How to Preserve MacBook Battery

You should follow these steps or set these settings if you don’t want to charge your phone using an alternative charger. Get tips for preserving your phone’s battery life before it gets too low.

  1. Press the F1 and F2 keys to decrease screen brightness.
  2. Disable Auto-Brightness or Screen Dimming under General Settings.
  3. Turn OFF the backlights of your keyboard to reduce battery drainage.
  4. Adjust Energy Saver settings so that Keyboard Backlight Timeouts are set for less than 3 minutes.
  5. Close all unnecessary applications by pressing Command+Q when using Mac OS.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you. In it, I’ve given three ways to charge your laptop when the power goes out or the battery runs out of juice while you’re on the go. Follow me on social media so you don’t miss another tutorial!

I know how frustrating it can be when your laptop goes out of battery at the most inconvenient time. I wanted to share with you three really easy ways you can charge your MacBook without using a charger. Even if you don’t have an outlet nearby, there are still options!

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