How To Replace USB Port On Laptop?

There is an old adage about eyes being windows to one’s soul, just like USB ports are gateways for external storage devices and peripherals.

It is important for them to establish this relationship so that they can work together and share information at a quick pace when needed.

However, for whatever reason that might be, sometimes, this once steadfast connection becomes unstable, preventing other devices from connecting.

Whether you are looking at it from a logistical point of view or an economical one, it is imperative that this issue is addressed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the laptop will have ports which are essentially useless – rendering it practically obsolete.

In this guide, we will discuss how a USB port can become damaged to the point where it stops working and what one would need to do in order to replace said USB port on a laptop.

Why USB Ports Malfunctions

Even though these ports are very durable and built to withstand the test of time – there could always be factors that can contribute to abnormalities, such as the following few;

Damaged Pins
Janky Cable Connection
Dust And Debris Stuck On the Port
Short Circuit

Confirming You Have A Malfunction At Hand

To ensure that you don’t go through all these steps for nothing, please test your concern against other outside devices just to be sure.

Though there are many different kinds of USB ports, they all share the same basic qualities; here’s how to identify each type.

  1. Make certain you plug in your storage gadget or any different cable in the port firmly besides making use of too an awful lot or too little force.
  2. Now, it will ship a sign to your laptop, if your USB port has some type of issue, it will definitely provide a connection error such as “USB Device Cannot Be Recognized”
  3. Remove the connection and make certain you plug it in every other port, if it doesn’t supply you the equal pop-up error, it capability that a precise port has some issue.
  4. You can additionally strive more than one different exterior peripherals to verify that the port is messed up as an alternative than the peripherals you are using.
  5. Moreover, turning off your laptop computer and turning it lower back on, and repeating these complete steps can get rid of any type of software glitch you might also have.
  6. After you have tested your suspicion, it’s time to go on to steps on how to restore it.

Steps On How To Replace USB Port On Laptop

Before we continue, please remember that any error can lead to irreversible consequences for the whole system. It is recommended that you take it to your local repair shop for repairs.

If the product is under warranty, it’s always best that your original manufacturer fix it because in this way you won’t have to spend money or take the chance of using an unknown repair shop.

If you still want to take charge of this situation, here are some ways for you to do so.

  1. First of all, stumble on the again panel screws through both consoling to the guide that got here with your laptop computer or doing a fantastic inspection by using yourself.
  2. By the use of a Phillips screwdriver, gently unscrew all the screws that are preserving your laptop computer in region and cast off the lower back panel.
  3. Now discover the USB port that you prefer to fix, it will have wires and cable following up to the motherboard and PCB.
  4. Check if any cable connection is loose, if that is the case, truly solder it again and you will be top to go.
  5. However, if you choose to exchange the Port altogether, Gently put off the “PCI Slot” the USB port is related to, and purchase a comparable one off the market in order to exchange it.
  6. Take that stated “PCI Slot ” to a nearby restore save and let them supply you an terrific USB Port slot so you don’t cease up with an improper one.
  7. Now Insert the PCI Slot into the USB vicinity and make certain the interface faces the right way and tug it in firmly.
  8. Solder the connection if it truly has any, screw the lower back panel shut, and flip on your laptop computer to verify that the total approach works.

Wrap Up

There are some things in life that require great patience, focus, and sheer will such as fixing your computer because of how complex these objects usually are – one mistake can lead to great disaster.

Although my guide on how to replace a USB port on Laptop will surely be able to provide you with some insight and hope, taking proper precautions is still up to you.

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