6 Best Ram For Ryzen 9 5900x And 5950x In 2022

Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x processors have been out for some time now, and many gamers are wondering what the Best Ram For Ryzen 9 5900x And 5950x are. Luckily, we’ve collected all the information we could find to make this article as comprehensive as possible. We’ll give you the top 5 best RAM for Ryzen 9 CPUs, the pros and cons of each product, and then recommend which one we think is the best RAM for Ryzen 9 CPUs on the market today.

The 5900x and 5950x are the fastest desktop processors on the market today. Paired with some fast RAM, they make up one of the most powerful PC setups in the world, capable of handling anything you throw at them with ease. Choosing which memory modules to pair with them can be tricky, however, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to run through all the available RAM options and select the best ones for Ryzen 9 CPUs.

When it comes to the best RAM for Ryzen 9, the correct answer isn’t quite as simple as you might expect! There are so many factors involved in picking out the right RAM, which makes choosing the right one a difficult task if you’re not sure what to look for. If you pick up just any old RAM, your performance could suffer or it could even damage your processor over time.

With the launch of Ryzen 9, the anticipation around AMD’s next-generation CPU has reached an all-time high. Ryzen 9 comes in two models, one with 16 cores and 32 threads, and the other with 24 cores and 48 threads. If you want to take full advantage of these new chips, it’s important to find the best RAM for Ryzen 9 so that you can run programs smoothly and your gaming experience is fast and fluid.

Following Are The Best Ram For Ryzen 9 5900x And 5950x

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900x and the Ryzen 9 5950x are impressive CPUs, but they’re only as good as the RAM that you put with them. Don’t waste money on cheap RAM—when you choose a high-quality Ram, your system will run better and faster! Here are the top three Rambus we recommend going with if you have a Ryzen 9 5900x or 5950x!

If you are going to be pushing your computer’s processor to the max then you’re going to need some top-of-the-line RAM. RAM, or Random Access Memory, is what your processor uses when it needs to temporarily store information in order to run programs and calculations faster than if they were running from your hard drive. With the new AMD Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x, you need the best ram for these processors so that you get maximum performance and a longer lifespan out of your brand new processor.

G.SKILL 16GB(2x8GB) Trident Z Royal: Ryzen 9 5950x 3600mhz Ram

The best RAM for use with AMD’s new Ryzen 9 59xx processors is G.SKILL’s $400 Trident Z Royal 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 CL14 kit. This module operates at a speedy 3,200MHz base clock rate, which can be pushed to a blistering 3,600MHz when required by overclocking or single-threaded applications—and without too much difficulty.

G.SKILL is one of our favorite brands of memory, particularly when it comes to big, beefy kits that promise overclock ability. That’s why we went with G.SKILL’s 16GB (2x8GB) Trident Z Royal kit for our epic 8-core/16-thread gaming PC build.

G.SKILL’s Trident Z Royal kits are some of our favorites, featuring an ultra-high performance at a bargain price point. Available in speeds up to 3600MHz and capacities up to 32GB, these kits are guaranteed to match or exceed your processor’s stock frequencies with little effort (thanks, XMP). Beyond performance, G.SKILL offers various color options to match your system theme or personal style—and, of course, all kits are backed by a lifetime warranty.

G.SKILL 16GB(2x8GB) Trident Z Royal

Memory Size 16 GB
Item Quantity 2
Memory Speed 4000 MHz
RAM Technology DDR4 SDRAM
  • Room for overclocking
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Customizable RGB
  • Doesn’t provide the best value for money

Corsair Vengeance RGB: Ddr4 Ram For Ryzen 9 5950x

If you’re looking to buy a solid set of RAM at a decent price, Corsair Vengeance RGB might be your best bet. This 16GB kit will run you around $235 on Amazon—and it comes with timings as low as 16-16-16-36! And if you’re using one of AMD’s new Ryzen 9 chips, that timing is particularly important. Most builds these days use DDR4, but it can still be tricky to navigate all of its options.

When it comes to modern PC hardware, all of today’s top-of-the-line components perform best when they have RGB lighting. In fact, having a bit of bling is pretty much expected from motherboard makers like MSI and Asus these days. Fortunately, you can also get an RGB or two (or three or four) from Corsair’s Vengeance line of RAM. Our favorites are Vengeance RGB 32GB (4 x 8GB) kits—and for a solid price to boot.

When it comes to gaming, nothing is more important than performance. And for a computer, there’s nothing that impacts performance quite like memory. Whether you’re using an Intel Core i7 8700K or an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, a fast memory kit can take your system to another level.

Corsair Vengeance RGB
Memory Size 32 GB
Memory Speed 3600 MHz
RAM Technology DDR4 SDRAM
Voltage 1.35 V
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Durable built
  • Eye Catching design
  • Overclocking needs improvement

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB: Storage For Ryzen 9 5950x

For users looking to get that RGB bling without breaking the bank, TEAMGROUP’s T-Force Delta RGB sticks are a great pick. At about $40 for 16GB, these perform similarly to much more expensive alternatives from G.Skill and Corsair (though performance lags behind in some cases). For those looking to match their motherboard’s lighting scheme without breaking their budget, TEAMGROUP is a solid option.

Intel’s mainstream flagship platform, known as Basin Falls or X299, supports memory speeds up to DDR4-2666 with eight memory channels. That’s one of its biggest advantages over X99 and other platforms: You can upgrade without having to buy a whole new kit.

The T-Force Delta RGB kits are Team Group’s highest-end kit. They offer an out-of-box speed of 3200MHz with latencies of 14-14-14 at 1.35V. Like any other kit, if you want to achieve a higher overclock (in our case 4000MHz) you will need to increase VCCSA/VDDCR for tighter timings; but aside, these kits pretty much plug and play in their stock configuration.


Memory Size 16GB
Memory Speed 3200 MHz
RAM Technology DDR4 SDRAM
Voltage 1.2 V
  • Very low price
  • Beautiful design
  • Great overclocking capabilities
  • Not the best option for high-end rigs

XPG DDR4 D60G RGB: Ryzen 9 5900x Ram Compatibility

Our most recent recommendation when it comes to DDR4 is XPG’s D60G RGB. This kit features four 8GB sticks at a modest 2666MHz speed (overclocking is easy with kits of 16GB or more), as well as RGB lighting. When it comes to XPG’s memory, we always opt for red or black but you can also get them in blue or white if you’re not into red or black.

Looking to build a computer with one of AMD’s new Ryzen processors? Make sure you find some quality memory to match. We recommend XPG, which has a fantastic DDR4 module that not only looks nice but also provides excellent performance for most computing applications. It’s available in both low-power (LP) and high-performance (HP) modes so it can handle almost any workload you throw at it.

The XPG DDR4 D60G RGB is a strong option if you’re looking to boost your performance. If you’re interested in PC gaming, look no further. The D60G RGB comes with a four-color LED ring on its top side as well as pre-loaded thermal IC.


Memory Size 16GB
Memory Speed 3600 MHz
RAM Technology DDR3 SDRAM
Voltage 1.2 V
  • Customizable RGB
  • Luxurious design and built
  • Extra room for overclocking
  • A bit overpriced

Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series: Ryzen 9 5900x Ram Speed Reddit

The Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series is an excellent choice for high-end builds as it runs at 3200MHz with CL16 timings, features a heat spreader with an attractive design, and is built on Samsung B-die ICs. However, if you’re seeking extreme performance without sacrificing your budget, we highly recommend pairing these sticks with a memory kit running at 3600MHz or more.

What makes Patriot’s Viper Gaming RGB Series so good? First off, it comes in a full set of 16GB (2 x 8GB) which is great if you need a ton of memory. Second, it has an impressive 3000MHz speed with timings of 16-18-18-38. And finally, it has a dual heat spreader for enhanced cooling.

Out of all, my favorite type of memory is Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series. This stuff performs like a dream, hitting 3000MHz at 1.35V (via XMP) when paired with an AMD Ryzen CPU. It costs a pretty penny, but it also has a lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support if you ever have any issues with it down the road.

Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series

Memory Size 16 GB
Item Quantity 2
Memory Speed 3200 MHz
RAM Technology DDR4 SDRAM
Voltage 1.35 V
  • Five customizable RGB zones
  • XMP 2.0 supported
  • Ease of installation
  • Speed is a bit low

G.Skill RipJaws V Series: Dram Calculator For Ryzen 5900x

G.Skill’s RipJaws V Series is a cost-effective option that doesn’t sacrifice performance or reliability. With sleek RGB lighting, these memory sticks offer excellent speed across all compatible AMD platforms. If you’re looking to build a new Ryzen rig, these are your best bet.

Whether you’re using applications or games that demand a lot of memory bandwidth, G.Skill’s RipJaws V Series modules are able to perform without fail. This 16GB (2 x 8GB) kit comes at 3200 MHz with CL16 timings and gives you plenty of headroom to start overclocking your new motherboard.

While AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 chips aren’t necessarily limited by memory bandwidth, to get the best performance out of these CPUs, you’ll want high-speed memory that isn’t going to bottleneck your system. The G.Skill RipJaws V Series gives you access to a high-speed DDR4 3000 CL14 configuration that won’t bog down your Ryzen 9900x or 9950x.

G.Skill RipJaws V Series

Memory Size 16 GB
Item Quantity 2
Memory Speed 3200 MHz
RAM Technology DDR4 SDRAM
Voltage 1.2 V
  • Impressive built
  • Extremely built
  • Blazing speed
  • Not enough room for overclocking

Quick Shopping Tips:

When it comes to choosing the best ram for your system, there are numerous things you need to look into. Moreover, it’s a different case with a different processor motherboard. The performance of various memory modules also varies from one another on similar hardware due to many factors including frequency speed and timings. So, how exactly do you choose the best RAM? Here are some tips that will help you make a wise decision


The usage of a user determines the capacity factor. If you use the high-end software that consumes a high part of RAM but for regular applications, the ram consumption is not that much. 16GB is the minimum requirement of a gaming system with a resolution ranging from 1080p to 2K resolution. Still, if the gaming requirement is intensive up to 4K resolution, the most powerful Ryzen 9 5900x needs at least 32GB or more.


The RAM is available in many speed rates from 2100 MHz to 4800 MHz with higher frequency and better value proposition. It depends upon the user according to their use which frequency will suit them; that’s why it is the most critical factor. The frequency range of DDR4 RAM start’s from 2100MHz up to the maximum frequency of 5000MHz. Modern games are memory-dependent.

If you want to get the best results, especially in games, your system must have RAM of at least 3600MHz. The high-frequency RAMs significantly improve the PC Performance, and the high-frequency RAM must be compatible with your system. Many overclocked RAM variants are available in markets that boost speed but don’t go for the system-supported frequencies if you want a significant performance boost.


The sum of all the factors is the compatibility of RAM with the other components of the system. If you have the best memory RAM but are not compatible with the motherboard and further details, it could be worse than having the best memory. Extreme caution is needed at the time of deciding on RAM for your PC. Most of the time, you have to manipulate your device at low rates due to the incompatibility of RAM, and it will not allow booting according to the manufacturer’s claimed speeds.


The cooling function is an essential factor for any RAM. Heavy-duty tasks like Rendering, high-end games, or video editing causes heat issues that seriously affect the RAM. So, the cooling system is as essential as RAM for performance. The aluminum heatsink improves the thermal efficiency of the RGB RAMs, decreasing the failure percentage.


The latency of a ram is the reaction time of the RAM. The Ram with high frequency has low latency, and the low frequency has high latency, so we have to choose a RAM that delivers high frequency with low latency. The high-end RAMs have a latency of CL14 or CL15, and most 3200 MHz RAMs have a CL16 latency. Moreover, you can modify the latency of RAM manually.

This modification will help the processor to perform best. The high-end RAM usually has CL16 latency at 3600MHZ with the norm of CL18. Some RAMs have overclocked their memory at the speed of 3800MHz, with CL14 latency as low. Hence the more insufficient column address strobe (CAS) will quickly perform tasks by fetching data.


When buying RAM for a Ryzen 7 5800X processor, you should consider the voltage. While DDR4 standard memory operates at 1.5V, the increased voltage will result in higher temperatures. The DRAM calculator will allow you to check the optimal voltage for your specific model. The manufacturer’s recommendation will depend on your motherboard.

Memory Architecture:

When buying RAM for the Ryzen 7 5800X, you need to consider the memory architecture of the RAM. There are two main types of RAM: single-channel and dual-channel. Single-channel RAM operates at a 64-bit data channel, while dual-channel RAM operates at a higher memory interface of 128-bit. The former provides more bandwidth than the latter and, therefore, will enable faster data transfer.


If you’re looking for the Best Ram For Ryzen 9 5900x And 5950x, then be sure to take a look at our article, we’ve made it as comprehensive as possible with all the information we could possibly find. We’ve looked at dozens of different websites, as well as pulled together all the data from each one and compiled it into this article. If you’d like to see the top 5 products, please feel free to read our article.

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