Why Is My GPU Usage So High? Solution

Video games are an incredible way to spend time with friends and family. Regardless of your age or where you’re at in life, it takes the weight off.

While experiencing this joy, though, it’s often ruined by the fact that overloading of the graphics card will result in a decrease in performance or even an unexpected shutdown.

It is an unfortunate sight, for sure- but one that happens to every PC gamer and laptop user at some point.

And this mystery surrounding it might not always be labeled as unknown, but there are certainly plenty of ambiguities surrounding its existence if you don’t have an arsenal of computer knowledge at your disposal.

However, if you are one of those unlucky individuals who wonders why their GPU usage is so high that it seems like they can touch the sky, then pat yourself on the back because you have landed on an article with a definite solution to your problem.

Preliminaries About Hardware Resources Consumption

It is important to know how much energy different computer programs use because some computer programs do not use high levels of graphics processing power.

To illustrate this point, when playing video games, your GPU will be pushed to its limit without V-Sync enabled. This forces the graphics card to render frames as fast as it can in order for you to have an advantage over your opponent – which is currently limited to 30fps.

More importantly, when you are video editing or rendering – there are absolutely no limits, and your GPU is pushed to its limit – in such a case, 100% GPU usage is the norm and doesn’t seem too high.

So When Should I Worry?

The Internet is like an immense jungle where you can find a variety of different programs.

These programs or software may be beneficial, malevolent, deceptive, or borderline malware.

Although there are ways to verify the security of this program, sometimes it is coded cleverly enough that it can sneak past your operating system’s alarm system.

These remote automated tools are often programmed in such a way to provide access to their owner and run resource-hogging tasks which result in 100% usage at all possible times.


How Should I Fix This Issue?

To be certain that you are infected with malware, please download an anti-malware program. On one of these trusted sites to scan your computer

There are two options when it comes to addressing and fixing this problem.

  • An external tool
  • The Task Manager on Windows

Windows Task Manager

  • This approach is exceptionally simple, all you have to do is press “Control+Alt+Delete” in aggregate on our keyboard.
  • You will be welcomed with the Flash menu, the place you can pick out the “Task Manager” and click on “Processes”
  • Scroll via several heritage techniques and test if you note any kind of “Unknown” or “Suspicious” application strolling and hogging on your Graphics card or even the processor.
  • This malware is pretty clever and can even exchange its title for an ordinary software program, so it ought to break out this inspection in assignment manager.
  • The fantastic way to weed out these applications is with the aid of sorting the listing in ascending order and checking for any doable threats.
  • Once you verify that there are unknown packages strolling in the background, proceed to the subsequent step.

Through Third-Party Tool

  • This is a greater thorough technique and without problems lets you pinpoint the issue, all you have to do is download third-party monitoring equipment such as CPU-Z or Info.
  • Install them and open them and take a look at if any third-party device is the use of useless hardware resources.
  • Make certain you shut all the applications to effortlessly see if any software persistently opens through itself.
  • If you experience that there are sure applications that may be suspicious, then it’s time to restore this issue.

Fixing The High Usage Problem

It does not matter which method you choose above to discover high GPU usage, but if you are encountering this issue, there is a quick way of solving it.

  • Configuration of in-game graphics
  • By using Process Hacker
  • Utilizing antivirus software

Through Process Hacker

Don’t be alarmed by the name of this software – it is simply an application monitoring and managing tool that ensure everything stays in its rightful place.

Just open the program and disable any unneeded software that might be hogging your system resources for no apparent reason.

And hope it will lower the percentage of your Graphic Card resources being used.

Through In-Game Graphics Configuration

Since most of your worries will likely come from how much power the graphics card is using when you are playing games, just turn on V-Sync and set a frame rate limit.

In this way, your Graphics card will only be utilizing a fraction of its capacity, which prevents it from breaking down no matter what happens.

Be advised that before using this technique you need to enable a Frame rate Limiter such as V-Sync or else it will not work. It might even make things worse if you don’t do so first!

Using Anti Virus

If all else has failed in keeping your computer safe, install and use an antivirus program immediately.

You could potentially use any antivirus program you want; however, there are several notable ones that I recommend such as ESET Smart Security, Bitdefender, or even Malware bytes.

All of these programs I have personally tried and tested, making them perfect for overcoming any hurdles you may come across.

After installing any of this software, make sure to do a thorough system scan in all partitions. Hopefully, you catch any miner or malware that may be running on your hardware without permission and causing damage to your computer so you can eliminate it.

After detecting, your antivirus software removes this dangerous malware, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Bottom Line

So that is all you need to know about why your GPU usage may be high. I hope this article wasn’t too complicated and made sense, even if it did confuse you at first, please do leave a comment below with any queries or concerns, we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

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